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The 45th annual March for Life will be held Jan. 19 in Washington, D.C., where hundreds of thousands of marchers are expected for the Rally and March to the Capitol. The theme for this year –LOVE CHANGES LIVES –emphasizes what all Pro-Lifers know –it is only through the love that each of us shares with those who oppose our views that we will ever change minds and hearts.

From its beginning in 1974, as a small demonstration, the March For Life has grown into the largest Pro-Life event in the world, As we again gather to COMMEMORATE the anniversary of Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion in the US and to MEMORIALIZE the 57 million babies lost to abortion in the past 45 years, we ask you to prayerfully consider joining us this year.

After the March and Rally, we visit our Congressmen and women on Capitol Hill; as we heard from Cong. Mike Kelly last year, even Pro-Life Congressmen need to hear words of encouragement from their constituents.

On this Website, you will find the list of buses leaving Butler County for the March. It is a one day trip and is planned for a Friday, which the organizers have found is the most convenient day for most people to take off work or school to attend.

For more information about the March, visit: or download the MarchForLife app for your phone.

Life is our most important Right; while there are many other worthwhile causes where we can devote our time and resources, without Life, the others cannot exist. Come with us this year –bring your family and friends –


See you on Jan. 19, 2018
Gretchen Cararie, March for Life Bus Coordinator

Click Here for the bus list with information about the ten buses leaving from various parts of Butler County. If you need more information, contact the Bus Captains directly, or Gretchen Cararie, Butler County Bus Coordinator, You may also wish to go to